smart-MAIC D103 CT 2000A WiFi 3−Lines Energy monitor

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3-Lines smart-MAIC Energy monitor WiFi with Rogowski coils 2000A

Version: D103-R20
Current Transformer: Rogowski 2000A

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Energy monitor smart-MAIC D103 for 3−Lines grid
with Rogowski coils up to 2000A

Smart meter D103-2000 produced in Extended version only.

This model for 3-phase WYE grid with neutral and uses three Rogowski coils up to 2000A (total 1.4MW). The coils are split design, flexible and easy to install.
The smart meter provides separate bi-direction metering of power consumption and generation, and 5 second data intervals for API and MQTT.
The energy monitor D103-2000 is a ready-to-use device and if you read the manual, it's not difficult to install.
Connect the energy meter to your Wi-Fi point and the data will be sent to the cloud server once a minute.
You can analyze electrical energy, power, voltage, current using the Dashboard and with no time limits.

Key features:
  • Wi-Fi Wireless interface
  • GSM Cellular (optional »)
  • Cloud data server and the Dashboard
  • One-Minute data analysis and visualization »
  • Online / Offline data without time limits
  • High accuracy ±0.5% F.S. (0.5 Class)
  • Built-in relay with condition control
  • API interface for developers
  • MQTT remote client
  • DIN Rail mounting

Measured Parameters:
  • Voltage, [V]
  • Current, [A]
  • Active Power, [W]
  • Reverse Active Power, [rW]
  • Active Energy, [Wh]
  • Reverse Active Energy, [rWh]
  • Power Factor (cosФ), [PF]


 Rogowski coils Rating
  5A . . 2000A
 Rogowski Type / Inner Size  Clips / 120 mm
 High Accuracy
  ±0.5% F.S. (from 5A)
 Max. Power at the relay     
  < 50W
 Wireless Protocol
  2.4 GHz / IEEE 802.11 (b, g, n)
 GSM Cellular (option)
  4G WiFi USB Router (optional)  
 Data Collection interval
  1 minute
 Data Update interval
  5 second
 Storing Data without Internet  
  17 days
 Working Range Temperatures  
  -40 . . +60 ºС
 Power Supply
  AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.1A
 Size LхWхD
  90х67х52 mm (3 DIN modules)

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