smart-MAIC D103 CT 600A WiFi 3−Lines Energy monitor

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3-Lines Energy monitor WiFi CTs Clips 600A smart-MAIC D103-600

Version: D103-600
Current Transformer: Clip 600A

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Energy monitor smart-MAIC D103 for 3−Lines grid
with Current Transformer type Clips up to 600A

Smart meter D103-600 produced in Extended version only.

For measurements of large currents and installation on highly loaded lines. This model for 3-phase WYE grid with neutral and uses current transformers up to 600A.
The smart meter provides separate bi-direction metering of power consumption and generation, and 5 second data intervals for API and MQTT.
The energy monitor D103-600 is a ready-to-use device and if you read the manual, it's not difficult to install.
Connect the energy meter to your Wi-Fi point and the data will be sent to the cloud server once a minute.
You can analyze electrical energy, power, voltage, current using the Dashboard and with no time limits.

Key features:

  • Wi-Fi Wireless interface
  • GSM Cellular (optional »)
  • Cloud data server and the Dashboard
  • One-Minute data analysis and visualization »
  • Online / Offline data without time limits
  • High accuracy ±0.5% F.S. (0.5 Class)
  • Built-in relay with condition control
  • API interface for developers
  • MQTT remote client
  • DIN Rail mounting

Measured Parameters:
  • Voltage, [V]
  • Current, [A]
  • Active Power, [W]
  • Reverse Active Power, [rW]
  • Active Energy, [Wh]
  • Reverse Active Energy, [rWh]
  • Power Factor (cosФ), [PF]


 Current Transformer Rating
  200mA . . 600A
 CT Type / Inner Size  Clips / 32 mm
 High Accuracy
  ±0.5% F.S. (0.5 Class)
 Max. Power at the relay     
  < 50W
 Wireless Protocol
  2.4 GHz / IEEE 802.11 (b, g, n)
 GSM Cellular (option)
  4G WiFi USB Router (optional)  
 Data Collection interval
  1 minute
 Data Update interval
  5 second
 Storing Data without Internet  
  17 days
 Working Range Temperatures  
  -40 . . +60 ºС
 Power Supply
  AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.1A
 Size LхWхD
  90х67х52 mm (3 DIN modules)

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