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Analog pH Sensor for aquariums, pools and water systems

Sensor: pH Level
Output Type: Analog 0 . . 2.3V

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PH level sensor for water

The sensor is connected to analog input of the smart meter smart-MAIC D105.

Wiring diagram and settings in the Knowledge Base »

pH submersible sensor for measuring acidity, pH level in aquariums, swimming pools, water systems and water treatment systems.


Supply voltage: 5V DC

Working temperature: 5 .. + 60 °С

Cable length: 80cm

Measuring range: pH 0 .. 14

Measurement accuracy: 0.2pH

Analog output voltage

What is pH?

pH is an abbreviation for 'potential of hydrogen', which is determined by the quantitative ratio of H + and OH- ions in water and reflects the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the medium. The standard pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The higher the pH, the more alkaline the substance. The lower the pH, the more acidity. pH 7.0 is neutral. While adjusting the pH level in soil or water can help plants thrive, an incorrect pH value can lead to disease or even death. Pure water without impurities has a pH of about 7; acidic aqueous solutions have a pH of less than 7, alkaline - a pH of more than pH7.



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