DR-20 Dosimeter-Radiometer and Temperature Sensor

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Gamma Background Levels and Temperature Sensor

Sensor: Radiation / Temperature
Output Type: 1-Wire Digital

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Dosimeter-Radiometer Sensor DR-20

The sensor is connected to RS485 interface of the smart meter smart-MAIC D105.

Wiring diagram and settings in the Knowledge Base »

The radiation level sensor DR-20 is designed for remote measurement of the gamma background level, accumulated radiation dose, and ambient temperature in real time.


Radiation background measurement range: 0 .. 65000 μR/h

Temperature measuring range: -40°C .. 70°C

Output Signal: D105 1-Wire / TX UART

Data refresh period: 10 seconds

Operating temperature: -40°C .. 70°C

Working humidity: 0 .. 95%RH

Dimensions DxHxW: 125x20x85mm

Power: DC 5V

Weight: 120g

RS485 Interface

Dashboard data:

T1 – temperature [°C];

T2 – microroentgen per hour [μR/h];

T3 – pulses (particles) per minute;

Website: www.smart-maic.com

Live Demo: dash.smart-maic.com

Knowledge Base: support.smart-maic.com